So you’re probably wondering who we are and what makes us different from the rest.

Think of the best show, concert or movie you have ever seen…how did they find the right actors, how did they learn to perform and really connect with their audience and how did they know that the show was a big hit?

We think the magic of show business can be applied to every aspect of customer interaction and we’d like to work with you to show you how…

We’re all about creating people connections. Mostly, this translates to customer connection, but we like to go much deeper than your average customer service company. Think On is about culture, passion, people and results. We work beside you to create incredible customer experiences. Actually, it’s more than just experiences: it’s about creating lasting memories. Engaging performers on stage learn a script and use their personality to bring the show to life. The magic happens when your staff have permission to be themselves and let their passion shine through.

Forget the old fashioned assessment centres, boring powerpoints and classroom style learning. There are no complicated measurement formulas or long reports either.

We’re the right people to talk to and what we do works! Your customers will have a stronger commitment and a life-long connection with your staff and your business. They will become your biggest fans, spending more money, telling their friends and coming back to you time and time again.

At Think On, we believe the connection is strongest when you have the right people working with you. We can wear one hat, two hats or all three when we work with you…the choice is yours.

So think differently, think CONNECTION and THINK ON.

Think On customer engagement


Alan is all about people and he has been in the business for over 25 years. He lives by the mantra: dream, believe, discover. From creating magic for guests and cast at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida to training and developing people for over 10 years as head of talent for Dubai-based Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts. Alan is in his happy place when he’s facilitating and motivating people, he’s not crazy about Powerpoint, preferring fun and creative environments that truly inspire people to learn. Alan has opened over 30 restaurants and bars, 4 Hotels and trained hundreds of staff and leadership teams in everything from pulling a pint to facilitating leadership programmes.

Liza loves to take people on an adventure, and thoroughly enjoys watching them discover and learn new things. She is driven by helping people to find that magical mix of great business culture and measuring results for success. She ran her own consultancy in Australia, specialising in coaching and facilitation for leadership, customer service and team development. Combining her knowledge of over 20 years in Hospitality with a passion for facilitation, she came to Dubai in 2004 to work for the luxury hospitality group, Jumeirah to manage strategy and excellence for the group. As a Certified Colour Life Coach ™, Liza adds a dash of rainbow to her work and integrates these coaching techniques into different aspects of Think On.

So, why choose us?

  • Experience

    More than 10 years of regional experience

  • Understanding

    Global experience gives us greater understanding of cultural adaptations

  • Hands-on approach

    You will get Liza and Alan’s involvement at every stage

  • Passion and commitment

    We have fun and we get it done

  • Co-create

    We partner with you to co-create

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