Company culture can make or break your brand

Understanding the importance of a strong workplace culture can be the difference between your organisation having high employee satisfaction levels with impressive employee retention or a high turnover and low morale. Of course, we know which one you would choose!

 Creating amazing company cultures is at the heart of our business and something we feel very passionate about. When traveling around the region we often ask people “Tell me about your company culture?” Sometimes there is a blank look as they have no idea how to respond which is worrying. If employees cannot explain what their company is built on, how can we expect them to know or understand the direction of the company and therefore contribute to its’ success.

 In many organisations where engagement is low, morale is down and turnover is high.  This is usually because the culture isn’t right, and the reason it’s not right is the leadership team are not living and breathing it. The challenge most organisations face is that culture is merely something that exists in posters on a wall and not in the hearts and minds of their employees. So whose job is it to drive company culture? Company culture needs to be driven by everyone, but it’s the leadership team who must live it and lead by example in order for employees to mirror that behaviour.

 If you think about some of the best organisations in the world and some of the best jobs you’ve had, it’s generally down to the leadership team to inspire, motivate and engage with you. With that in place, as an employee you come to work happy and give it your all.

 Ask yourself these questions about your current organisation:

 How do you feel about the culture?

Do you have a clear vision and can you remember it?

What are the values and is everyone living them?

Do you have visible inspiring leadership?

Do people want to work there or do people want to leave?

 These are a few questions we use when working with organisations to create a connection culture that employees and customers want. Let us help you create the right culture, one that inspires and motivates your team, drives performance and has others talking about you. To find out more contact us at

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